This is a list of all the credible evidence in The Othersiders.

Lincoln Heights Jail Edit

  • The figure running past the camera was counted.
  • The "Sereno has it" EVP was counted.
  • The Orb down the hallway.

Queen Mary Edit

  • The "Get Out" EVP was counted (demonic).
  • The EVP of Jackie was counted.

Mojave Airport Boneyard Edit

  • All proven non-credible.

Morey Mansion Edit

  • The "SM" on the mirror standing for Sarah Morey.
  • The orb seen in the Blue Room with Jackie.

Fort MacArthur Edit

  • The figure walking in the tunnel (see Ghost Soldiers).
  • The orb in the generator room.

Marine Warehouse Edit

  • None.

Fred C. Nelle's Youth Correctional Facility Edit

  • TBA