Fred C. Nelle's Youth Correctional Facility

Investigation Information
Season 1
Investigation # 7
Their Verdict Haunted (5/5)
Riley's Verdict Haunted
KC's Verdict Haunted
Zack's Verdict Haunted
Sam's Verdict Haunted
Jackie's Verdict Haunted
Airing Information
Cartoon Network Premiere July 29, 2009
Previous Episode Marine Warehouse
Next Episode 50s Town Movie Set

Paranormal reports Edit

  • Feelings of Claustrophobia in the gym.
  • Sounds of girls laughing in the chapel.
  • Strange glowing lights
  • Screams fo helphttp://

Evidence Edit

Old Infirmary Edit

The group captures a picture of what appears to be a woman.

Chapel Edit

Riley swears something brushed his shoulder.

Auditorium Edit

Jackie and KC do Call and Response and in response a light bulb pops.

Garage Edit

When Jackie and KC were freaking out, someone says, "Out" as in they don't want Jackie or KC in there.

Gym Edit

Jackie and KC hear a bang in the gym, but this could just be the door closing, as it is metal.

Trivia Edit

  • This place, out of all the investigations, seems to scare the group the most.==