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Lincoln Heights Jail

Investigation Information
Season 1
Investigation # 1
Location Los Angeles, CA
Their Verdict Haunted (5/5)
Riley's Verdict Haunted
KC's Verdict Haunted
Zack's Verdict Haunted
Sam's Verdict Haunted
Jackie's Verdict Haunted
Airing Information
Cartoon Network Premiere June 17, 2009
Next Episode Queen Mary

Episode Summary

In the premiere episode, The Othersiders investigate the Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles, CA. Reporters say that the jail is haunted by the spirits of the prisoners who were tortured and killed in the jail, like Blue Boy.

Paranormal Reports


Base Camp

  • Zack and Sam record a glowing figure going past their cameras. The next day, at their headquarters, they tested and made sure that the glowing figure wasn't any of them.

Freight Elevator

  • When Riley left Base Camp his thermal camera was fully charged, but the battery died after five minutes in the freight elevator. Some say that spirits can take away battery life and use it for their own good.
  • Jackie and Riley use the voice recorder and get an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). The next day, at headquarders, they listened and at first heard, "Sienna has it." Jackie researched the prisoners held there and the last name of a prisoner it sounded most like was Sereno. Therefore, they decided it said "Sereno has it."

Laundry Room/Hallway

  • Jackie claims that she saw a chair in the hallway, that wasn't there before, on the way back to base camp from the solitary confinement room, but the rest of the team goes over and finds it in the laundry room.


  • The cellblock camera captures a tiny circle of light called an orb, which could be a sign of a spirit. However, Zack says that the camera could have just magnified something like a dust particle.

News Articles

IBT: Cartoon Networks 'Othersiders' visit Lincoln Heights Jail

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Case Files



  • When this was done, news reporters reported the event as good.
  • So far, this episode has the most credible evidence
  • The part about the Thermal Camera dying might've been fixed as if you see the bottom right corner of the screen, when they are near the elevator with it, the battery was already less than half full before it said that the battery was about to die.