Marine Warehouse

Investigation Information
Season 1
Investigation # 6
Their Verdict Not Haunted (3/5)
Riley's Verdict Not Haunted
KC's Verdict Haunted
Zack's Verdict Not Haunted
Sam's Verdict Haunted
Jackie's Verdict Not Haunted
Airing Information
Cartoon Network Premiere July 22, 2009
Previous Episode Fort MacArthur
Next Episode Fred C. Nelle's Youth Correctional Facility

Pre-Information Edit

The team investigates a six-story Marine warehouse once owned by the U.S. Navy.


Paranormal Reports Edit

  • People and animals who died on the 6th floor haunting it.
  • Hearing and seeing a train's lights, but no train coming by.
  • Sounds of cables snapping.
  • Strange shadows on walls.
  • Elevator opening and closing on its own.


Evidence Edit


Elevator Edit

  • Sam sees the Marine Warehouse Elevator moving by itself, he never turned it on or hit any button.


1st Floor Edit

  • A glowing figure passes by the camera. It could be a homeless person or a ghost.


2nd Floor Edit

  • The team gets an EVP of someone saying, "Jack."


5th Floor Edit

  • Riley swears he heard a cable snap.


6th Floor Edit

  • Sam and Jackie hear someone whistling.
  • Sam said he heard a dog bark. This however has not been confirmed, as Jackie never heard it.


Trivia Edit

  • The situation with Sam hearing a dog bark and no one else hears it is like how Jackie heard sounds that KC couldn't hear in the previous episode.
  • This is the second former Army facility the group has investigated (first is Fort MacArthur).


Poll Edit

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