Mission Inn

Investigation Information
Season 1
Investigation # 9
Their Verdict Haunted (5/5)
Riley's Verdict Haunted
KC's Verdict Haunted
Zack's Verdict Haunted
Sam's Verdict Haunted
Jackie's Verdict Haunted
Airing Information
Cartoon Network Premiere August 12, 2009
Previous Episode 50s Town Movie Set
Next Episode Evergreen Cemetery

The team investigates a popular hotel.


  • Strange Noises
  • Aunt Alice Singing
  • Smell of Cigar Smoke
  • Sounds of footsteps


Evidence Edit

  • When Riley was investigating the aunt alice suite he hears something fall but nothing fell
  • Annex
  • KC,Jackie and Sam caught some sort of shadow on the window in the thermal imaging camera. KC thinks it's a spirit but Riley's not so sure.
  • Catacombs
  • When KC was doing a call and response session by asking a spirit where the stairs lead to but got the answer she got was someone whispering who's there.
  • KC got the chills in the catacombs and caught an EVP of a spirit snarling.