These are scenes from The Othersiders that fans could believe are fake.

Lincoln Heights Jail Edit

  • The Camera Battery Incident: The camera was already half drained, so it could've just died since it wasn't fully charged to begin with.
  • The "ghost" walking by: homeless people tend to live in these places. Couldn't it had been one of them?
  • The cell doors banging: the team pulling a fast one.

Queen Mary Edit

  • Jackie singing: it sounds more like music playing, no one singing can be heard, even without the static.
  • The Engine starting: someone onboard the ship playing a trick on them. This has been known to happen. Scooby-Doo shows villains doing it all the time, and that tends to happen in the real world.

Mojave Airport Boneyard Edit

  • The door banging: Someone on the team slamming it on them. It's easy as pie.
  • The ghost image: C-G-I.

Morey Mansion Edit

  • The SM: Someone could've just wrote with their fingers "SM" on the mirror as a joke (it happens, and body heat stays on the mirror).
  • The heat on the rail: Jackie faking it. That is impossible.

Fort MacArthur Edit

  • The "Ghost shadow": A homeless person walking by. They live in areas like that. It's suprising Riley, above all people, didn't bring that up.
  • The sounds in Jackie's head: her playing up to the camera.

Marine Warehouse Edit

  • The elevator: couldn't some kids or teens be playing a fast one? People can climb fences, even barbed wire.
  • The First Floor Ghost: A homeless person just walking by.