Queen Mary

Investigation Information
Season 1
Investigation # 2
Location Long Beach, CA
Their Verdict Haunted (5/5)
Riley's Verdict Haunted
KC's Verdict Haunted
Zack's Verdict Haunted
Sam's Verdict Haunted
Jackie's Verdict Haunted
Airing Information
Cartoon Network Premiere June 24, 2009
Previous Episode Lincoln Heights Jail
Next Episode Mojave Airport Boneyard

Episode Summary Edit

The team visits the Queen Mary Ship, a now-retired ship used to bring soldiers to the U.S. and as a cruise, very famous in the paranormal world.

Paranormal Reports Edit

  • Glowing eyes
  • A little girl singing and playing with toys in the pool room.
  • Scurrying footsteps
  • Engines turning on by themselves

Evidence Edit

Pool Room Edit

  • As Sam is setting up the camera in the pool room, he captures a shadow on the back wall. However, Riley does not count it as credible evidence because it could be one of them.
  • Zack's thermal camera captures a red spot at the top of the pool room. It could mean a spirit, or something else, like a control panel, or some sort of pipe.
  • Zack and Jackie do Call and Response in the pool room and record a sound of what could be the ghost girl who was killed on the ship, Jackie, but it sounds more like music than singing.

Engine Room Edit

  • The engine room camera at base camp catches a flash of light go past the camera.
  • The team swears they heard an engine turn on. It is unknown if this was credible evidence or not.

Boiler Room Edit

  • Sam and Jackie do Call and Response and record someone saying, "Get out.

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